Welcome to Outgoing Beauty
Founded by Laquisia Mints. 

Beauty based business designed to build and service the community.

Mission Statement:

“outgrowing standards and embracing change”


Outgoing Beauty promotes “you” the person to step outside of what you’ve always known and step into something new. It enhances your beauty and empowers you with the necessary tools to conquer any obstacle ahead. With self, beauty and business we plan to educate you to grow your business in a holistic program. We will also partner you with a business coach to guide you along the way.

Business Description::
Outgoing Beauty is a legally licensed salon suites location that provides wholesale and retail virgin hair products as well as business resources for aspiring and experienced beauty professionals. 



My name is Laquisia Johnson formerly known as Laquisia Mints. I am the oldest of 12 siblings divided between my mother and father. Growing up my childhood prepared and molded me into a leadership role.  Between the years of 2012-2014 I studied early childhood, and cosmetology.  Shortly after marriage in 2017 I became a mom in 2018.  Like most mothers, parenting has been very rewarding and further taught me management skills. Nevertheless, I take pride in maintaining that very same leadership approach in my community.

I am currently perfecting my craft and becoming a master mind of the beauty industry.

My business is called “Outgoing Beauty”.

Almost overnight, I was what the industry called “booked and busy”. Refashioning became a must as I navigated both the pandemic and parenthood.

  Time management became clear as the many discrepancies faced while trying to run a business, and nurture my responsibilities.

Mentally, physically and emotionally that was an issue for me, because that wasn’t the vow I gave to myself.  Being present in every aspect of my life is important to me.

Later, I revised my plan and decided to apply my knowledge of products for retail sales.


Outgoing Beauty formerly known as::

“The girl’s collection” initially created a space for women to come and express themselves through beauty and hair extensions.

2020 , Like most businesses The Girls Collection was no exception, the pandemic whirlwind. I only knew how to make the money and spend it on what I needed. From educating myself on how to manage funds in a business and the importance of time management, a new vision aroused.  

The birth of “Outgoing Beauty“